do you really want to get to know your partner?

Get to know yourself and your partner in psychological depth like never before. Anonymous. We don't ask questions, we measure with balance metrics with the highest validity and international experience of more than 30 years. All online. 

you don't want to take any more chances?

...never again blind love, that's our motto and if you don't want to close your eyes to reality, we are here for you. You will see about yourself and your partner what you never knew, you will know where your solid foundation is and where you can usually expect a problem and how to fix it.

You will see the changes the next day!

With our relationship compatibility psychometrics, you get a comprehensive perspective that is not calculated by any mathematical model, but created by our experienced psychologists. You'll see changes as soon as the next day.

Do you want to screen anonymously?

The essence and algorithm of personality DNA is not made by identification data. We don't need them. We need two human beings that we're gonna screen online. We're the only software that tests a couple truly anonymously. It adds to the honesty and really telling value of the results.

you will learn the FUTURE of the relationship!

Another advantage of our screening is the ability to see into the future, to predict possible problem situations that will recur cyclically and how to solve them. The software's predictions can be found in the 14-page text appendix of the compatibility certificate for each person separately.

go for it with professionals!

You get a quick, anonymous, online view of yourself and your relationship with your partner like never before. Certificate of Compatibility, 14 pages of text and infographics, plus the option of an online consultation with our psychologically trained relationship expert. Bonuses back almost the price of your order!
/priceWe do not ask for a subjective opinion in the tests, but we measure, comprehensively, 25 personality variables that cyclically in an algorithm influence the thinking, behavior, actions and value ranking of each partner, temperament, IQ, hidden aggression, tendencies to addictions, sociability, emotional intelligence and many others. We offer answers to questions you have never even asked yourself. 82% of our clients said they were surprised or even shocked by some of the results. Over 30 years of international experience of our psychometrics in 5 languages for 52 countries. All anonymously, we don't need to know your personal details and identity, we just need you, an email, even a temporary one, for payment communication and for sending results and a phone number (even a non-functional, foreign number). Don't get stuck in the average crowd, want the highest quality, go for it !

simply in 4 steps


All you need is a working email (even a temporary one, or from another person) to send your payment details and a link for payment, any phone number with an international area code, it can be a foreign or expired number, don't worry we won't call you :-), it will be your login details for the screening. We don't want to know your name or any other personal information related to your identity! We do not need them.

2.  order from the price list

After submitting your anonymous contact, you will be taken to the service price list page, select your product and click through to the Pays payment gateway. You will receive a payment request with instructions for payment by card or bank transfer. Once the price is credited, you will be sent a link with access to the affiliate screening program immediately.

3. Sign up for the screening

When you receive an email with your access details, log in (you need your email and the landline phone number from step 1). If you are a couple, use the same link for both. Tests take about 1.5 hours to complete, you must have a laptop with mouse or PC with mouse and internet to test, we recommend rest and the ability to concentrate in one go. We recommend testing in the morning when you have the most mental strength.

4. Certificate of Compatibility

Once the tests are completed, you will receive a compatibility certificate for the pair within 24 hours. For singles with recommendations on which partner to look for and which to avoid. The certificate is accompanied by a comprehensive evaluation report of 13 x A4 pages for each person tested. With the certificate you will also receive bonus vouchers up to the value of €130, which you or your friends can use once.


years of experience of our psychologists


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VIP clients



Immediately online anonymously you can go through a partner screening, duration approx. 1.5 hours. Payment in advance online by credit card or bank account. We don't need to know your name, we don't need any personal information, just any phone number and a working email.

bonuses up to 130 €

Each of our clients will receive bonus vouchers up to 130 € with their compatibility certificate and evaluation report. The vouchers are transferable to other persons but at the same time uniquely linked to the variable number of your payment and cannot be repeated or misused.


A special course for client couples who want to get to know each other in action. Moderated events with a psychologist and sports coach where you will complete situations and games revealing the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. The event is always held at our training centre in Costa Blanca.

illustrative CLIENT STORIES  


South Africa

I had a problem with my girlfriend and the program helped us navigate what was holding us back, where we both needed to add and subtract. The Skype analysis with the psychologist from check4love was also great. Thanks.



I finally found a tolerant guy. Everybody talks about it, but the deed is done. The program has shown me who doesn't just talk about it, but still feels and acts, that he is not a lottery bet and a waste of time and energy. Very nice. 


Czech republic

I didn't need dating for sex. I have already tested two partners in this project and I know that I should keep looking. It's opened my eyes and I don't want to go into the dark. Thank you and I will keep looking. 



I'm single and searching, I know I'm an introvert and the program has helped me find strengths that women appreciate in me without a lot of talking. Great. I have a new confidence and desire to look for a partner again.

Ing. et Dr. Vit Svejdik, MBA, psychologist, guarantor of psychometric software