Professional screening of your relationship prospects with recommendations and tactics. Anonymous and online.

I have a partner, but I'm not sure

For the briefly matched who want to professionally gauge the assumptions and prospects of their partnership, what positive things to expect and what risk predispositions of a partner you are venturing into. Your love will no longer be blind!

I have a partner, but we have a problem

For couples after a longer relationship who want to professionally measure the causes and prerequisites for resolving their relationship, what combination of positive predispositions you can build on and what to definitely avoid in a partner.

Looking for a partner

I am single and would like to professionally gauge and know what are the greatest strengths I can offer, what expectations I can meet in a mate, and what combination of dispositions should I look for in a prospective partner?


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Ing. et Dr. Vit Svejdik, MBA, psychologist, guarantor of psychometric software

ALSO as a gift e-learning package

We also sell the partner test as a gateway product in the CD e-learning package. Suitable as a gift. Only 2 steps after unpacking.
The package includes a qr code and a website to activate the access gate to online testing, you enter your phone and email
FIND ON THE COVER the unique code to access the test gateway, enter it in the Field and submit.
You will receive an email with a link to the 2-person test and you can test immediately. After testing you will receive a certificate and analysis on the same email